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Both Chris and Nermin Ballinger attended the University of Pittsburgh Dental School, where they received their degree in Dental Medicine.  After being stationed in Washington, D.C. at the U.S. Naval Academy and U.S. Marine headquarters, they took up residence in San Diego where they received significant advanced training in Oral Surgery and Root Canal Therapy.  “We are glad that we had the opportunity to work with many top specialists, and I think it truly makes us better to know several techniques and outcomes, rather than to know just one way of treating a problem,” says Chris.  “Being commissioned officers gave us the opportunity and discipline to understand that continuing education is the most important aspect of any dental practice – you must stay up to date,” says Nermin.  She and Chris both served with the Navy and Marines Corps overseas during Operation Desert Storm, and Desert Sabre in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. 

Everyone needs a dental home.  We appretiate that many prople have such a busy life and may bounce around between offices due to company insurance and location.  However, it is hard to get comfortable with no continuity in care and building long term relationships require being comfortable in your surroundings.  We want everyone to find their home, even if it is not with our office.  Preventitive maintance is key to dental health and minimizing costs.  Stay current on cleanings for your long term health


We have the most wonderful  staff and enjoy making dentistry more comfortable and enjoyable.  We are most proud of taking fear and pain out of dentisty.  Whether we utilize secialized and buffered anesthetics,  truly painless treatment is possible for your family.  Our littlest patients appretiate the difference. So will you.   In addition, we offer Nitrous Oxide to calm your anxiety.  

Let's face it, children run the world.  Sweets in the form of sugary drinks and candy rewards has found its way into the school, churches and many celebrated events.  Our goal to  help parents, and grandparents reinforce the need for drinking mostly water and utilizing surgar free gum.  Moderation is the key to life.


As parents, we are especially in tune to the needs of parents of atypical children, and routinely see special needs patients, as well as medically compromised patients of all ages.  We take the time necessary to discuss treatment options that will maintain your dental health, and we take great pride in our ability to see you in a timely manner. We  value your time, and being on time is important to all of us.   We are also concerned with keeping costs in line for families.  “Dental care is very expensive, which prevents some families from looking after their teeth.  Our goal is to make this easier and more affordable for everyone,” says Dr. Chris. 


We share a philosophy that empowers patients and parents to make educated decisions about their care.  We have a staff that believes in what we do for every patient and enjoys making dental care fun and informative.   We look forward to years of building a relationship with you for the smile of a lifetime.  We are  at 705 Coliseum Drive in Winston-Salem and accepting new patients.

Some of the nicest smiles in the Triad pass through our doors.  We'd love to see yours!



705 Coliseum Drive
Winston Salem, NC 27106
(336) 721-7921